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About this Blog

Welcome to Easel and Me!

The main page of this blog is all about how women paint themselves! I began writing it as a result of research I did for a film company called Pine Street Films in 2010 on the topic of women’s self-portraiture. During this research and I became so interested in the material – the trends and ways women have portrayed themselves over time that I decided to start this blog. I’m starting with the early self-portraits of women and will eventually move to explore trends and themes in contemporary artists work. The ideas are based on the thesis that women have had to forge their place as artists and have done so largely by painting themselves as artists. It’s about self in the broader sense; about our identities and our roles within society. As a practicing artist, the exploration of self and consequently questions of how to portray another is the stuff that inspires me.

Additional blogs on the Easel and Me site cover a range of topics.

  • Painting of the week features some of my favourite works seen around Sydney and in my travels. 
  • Must see is a review blog of shows I have recently seen.
  • Young women in art is a blog that explores some of the exciting and vibrant works produced by young women.
  • Opinion; a critique blog where you can respond to recent media or commentary about exhibitions, awards and artists.

The artworks displayed on this site are largely sourced through Creative Commons or are open licence images. In so far as the metadata allows we preserve the attached attributions. If no Creative Commons image exists we will provide a link to the image under discussion. In these cases we will link to the institution who owns the work and acknowledge them in the text. Contemporary works are used by request and are not available for further use or reuse by a third party. These will be identified by the copyright symbol and name.

My own site is called carolebest.com.au. On this site you can find the gallery of my own work, artist’s statements and short articles on themes and thinking about my work. I hope you will enjoy both sites and join the blog to generate lively and thought provoking discussions about women’s self-portraiture and art in general. Your comments and participation are welcome, so please post a comment, join as contributor and upload your self-portraits to Easel and Me.

Carole Best

4 Responses to “About this Blog”

  1. Sienna Brown says:

    Congratulations Carole, the website looks wonderful. I am sure it will become very popular as there are not that many blogs dedicated to these ideas. Best, sienna

  2. Laura Jones says:

    Dear Carole,

    The SH Ervin passed on your details. Great work with your blog!

    Best wishes,

    Laura Jones

  3. Sienna Brown says:

    Hi Carole, I visited this blog when you first started and was impressed then. Coming back now a few months later I am even more impressed. i love all the articles, they are so far ranging and interesting and I love getting to see the work of all those amazing female artists and learning more about their struggles and their successes.

  4. carole says:

    Thanks Sienna! I’m soon to add another topic which will start examining our contemporary artists to show how we still use the same points of reference in painting ourselves. Keep reading!

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