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Mirror, mirror once again

The twentieth century proved to be a good time for women. Many things in their collective lives improved, at least in the developed world. Being a female artist became a possibility in the professional sense despite significant sexist attitudes remaining. Once we got to this point in time, it was as if we were suddenly free to look in the mirror again, and more
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Mirror, mirror on the wall

  Images of women with mirrors are not rare – European art history in particular, is littered with images of women reflected in mirrors – we are painted post-coital, post bath, pre-bath, getting dressed, getting undressed, brushing our hair, doing our hair, playing with our hair and on and on. Many of these paintings are masterpieces in their own right
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Wise or vain: a no-win situation

From the earliest times the traits of prudence, temperance and fortitude were considered Cardinal Virtues and the ideas they embodied reached right back to Aristotle and the Greek philosophers. These Virtues were portrayed as women with various symbols reminding us of their important attributes. But it is Prudence, from the Latin prudentia (foresight, sagacity) who is painted time and time
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