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You are what is most beautiful about me. Really?

I came across some new work of Del Kathryn Barton’s this week which I will talk about in another post at another time. But it reminded me of her 2008 Archibald winning portrait and I thought it was worth pulling apart some of the ideas contained within it. What is of interest to me in this piece, apart from the
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Tennyson, K. Good son. 2012

The Good son.

I’ve decided to collect up all the portraits of children I can find that are entered into various painting prizes over the last little while. I’m interested in knowing if the child as subject is still primarily the domain of the female artists. This one was a finalist in the Doug Moran Portrait Prize 2012 and is by Cairns based
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I paint, therefore I am

In the next series of posts I want to move on to another theme in the history of women’s self-portraiture, that of motherhood.¬†But in the interest of tying up loose ends I should make some kind of conclusion to this theme. In exploring art history in general, the female artist is largely¬†absent from the famous collections, the main catalogues and
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