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Exodus by Mel Briggs

I often fall in love – mainly with paintings but sometimes with songs…. This week, I’m in love with this painting.

Brigg, M. Exodus. 2010

Brigg, M. Exodus. 2010


I’m intrigued by its redness, its heat and the discombobulated landscape. Where are they going, I ask myself – where are they leaving to, those people walking away? Their world is burning and melting and turning to pitch. Brigg holds our attention with those figures – he pulls the image back from being utterly disturbing by the pace at which his figures are leaving. They aren’t running or fleeing in desperation – they are just walking away and I am spellbound by their whimsy.

This element makes this work powerful – without the figures this would be just another ‘Untitled’ piece.

It’s one of a series of works based on forced human migration according to Brigg’s website. You can read more about it here. He also has a series about arrival, but its the Exodus paintings that I want to look at.

Mel Brigg is represented by Wentworth Galleries, Sydney.

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