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Treeness by Anne Labovitz

Labovitz, A. Spring. 2012

Labovitz, A. Spring. 2012

Here’s a painting for those of you who like your art abstract, or at least non-representational.

This is one of the latest works by Anne Labovitz from her Treeness series.

Labovitz has been working on this series for the past 2 years. She creates these deeply dimensioned works using actual fronds or leaves from trees and shrubs as brushes. By applying multiple layers of transparent tinted acrylic emulsion she gradually builds the image. Each layer contains different marks and colours which increase the perception of depth within the painting.

This is the type of work you can get lost in. It has many perspectives – looking up through the canopy with sunlight streaking through, flying over a forest, or look at it long enough and you become part of the tree itself.

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