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EVOL and awesome things with cardboard

EVOL. Kernsanierung. 2010

EVOL. Kernsanierung. 2010

I wasn’t sure in which category to put this in. I was thinking it should be in ‘Must see’ but I am conscious that it’s only me who is off to Berlin in search of really good street art 🙂 while the rest of you get to live vicariously through web and screen!

So I decided ‘Painting of the week’ should be the slot into which I write this piece.

Evol is the man I’m interested in. Originally from Dresden, Evol could have his roots in any grey, industrialised city in northern Germany because his art directly references these origins.

He does a variety of work – my all time favourite is what he achieves with cardboard boxes. Used as his canvas, Evol flattens and sprays. And then in minute detail he renders windows and doors and balconies of high rise apartments and terrace houses. Abodes squeezed into heaving cities, jammed and pinched between other buildings – grey, tired, broken, concrete cancerous. Beautiful and sensitive.

He also does interesting things with electrical boxes, maintenance units and objects in the street that we walk past without looking at. Boring things. The kind of thing a kid sees and asks ‘what’s that mummy?’ to which mummy has no answer.

Evol is not a painter of the new and squeaky clean, not a painter of dreams, or of futures.

He is rivetted in the present – the now and the imperfect. And his work is great.

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