The ghosts of David Noonan

David Noonan is an Australian artist living and working in London who has developed a unique mode of working using the age-old technique of screen-printing. Popular in the ’70s as art form, screen-printing has almost disappeared from the contemporary art world, never really evolving from it’s industry past and commercial application. But Noonan has shaken out the cobwebs and given
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Hilda Rixcrop

Hilda’s horrible dress

One of the most rewarding things about looking at art is trying to discover something other than what is initially apparent. The painting I saw at the NGA this week is a case in point. The work hangs on the second floor in the Australian collection. It’s by Australian female artist Hilda Rix Nicholas. The thing I love most about
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Brigg, M. Exodus 40. 2010

Exodus by Mel Briggs

I often fall in love – mainly with paintings but sometimes with songs…. This week, I’m in love with this painting.   I’m intrigued by its redness, its heat and the discombobulated landscape. Where are they going, I ask myself – where are they leaving to, those people walking away? Their world is burning and melting and turning to pitch.
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Sally wins!

This week the 2012 Portia Geach Memorial Prize was awarded to Sally Robinson. And to a magnificent portrait of her dying mother. Originally trained as a screen printer, Robinson constructs her paintings in layers of dots, dashes and squares using hand-made stencils and brush. Her paintings offer a bipartisan interpretation – on one hand they provide a simplified image, where essential information has been
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The little known Harold Adams

Currently, I am lucky enough to walk past this painting every day. It’s by the 90 year old Kentucky based artist, Harold Adams. Though represented in several major collections in the USA such as the Wiseman Art Museum, Berea College and the University of Kentucky, I can’t provide a link to any web based information about Adams, as little has been
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EVOL. Kernsanierung_2010_1000

EVOL and awesome things with cardboard

I wasn’t sure in which category to put this in. I was thinking it should be in ‘Must see’ but I am conscious that it’s only me who is off to Berlin in search of really good street art 🙂 while the rest of you get to live vicariously through web and screen! So I decided ‘Painting of the week’
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Labovitz, A. Spring. 2012

Treeness by Anne Labovitz

Here’s a painting for those of you who like your art abstract, or at least non-representational. This is one of the latest works by Anne Labovitz from her Treeness series. Labovitz has been working on this series for the past 2 years. She creates these deeply dimensioned works using actual fronds or leaves from trees and shrubs as brushes. By applying
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Emily Kam Kngwarray, Yam Awely, 1995

My new best friend Emily

As a regular visitor to the NGA I tend to visit my friends there. I can’t wait to see Rothko, and I then I like to visit Elsworth Kelly and Jackson Pollock. Upstairs nothing pleases me more than sitting and chatting with John Glover under one of his magnificent Australian trees. On leaving, I invariably nip in to have a quick chat with Fairweather
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Valadon, American beauty with pear and apple. 2010

American beauty and the Caravaggesque

In 2009 artist Rosemary Valadon had a sell out show at Eva Breuer Gallery with a suite of giant teacups under the title Euphoria: the tea party. At first glance they appear all very feminine, domestic and decorous. On second look these works are anything but! This one, American Beauty with pear and nectarine blossum is my favourite and I’ve been trying
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The Homer Simpson of AGNSW

While not normally a fan of the Simpsons, I stopped by AGNSW some weeks ago to view the new Kaldor collection and there I saw Homer. He was not, as you might suspect, a visitor muttering the well-known cliche ‘my six year old could paint that’, nor was he one of dozens of bus-bound seniors, devouring Sydney ‘cultcha’ en-mass before
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