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Not quiet public art?

Not far from where I live is a narrow strip of bushland sandwiched between two┬áneighbouring suburbs. It’s criss-crossed with fire trails, punctuated with sandstone bluffs and the remnants of a once enthusiastic creek. In many ways it’s an archetypal piece of Australian bush and lately it’s become the site for some very interesting public art. Over the last couple of
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Argent, L. 'I see what you mean'. 2006

I see what you mean

Giving titles to my artworks has always been fraught with indecision. I wonder about┬áthe point of the title – procrastinate on it’s purpose and it’s contribution. Most art being made these days is no longer illustrative of myth, bible story or allegory. Individual artists no longer generate renditions of a common narrative in their art. So why does a title
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