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Nivision, A. Summer Cotton Bimbang, 2009.

Melancholy definitely has a place

I knew I was going to like the work of a man who declares  ‘I think happiness is totally overrated in our society. This endless pursuit of happiness is dangerous, and I think a huge waste of time. Melancholy definitely has a place… You can’t be a complete person unless you know happiness and unless you know sorrow.’ And to
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Five decades of Mr Bacon

This week I saw Francis Bacon: five decades at the AGNSW. And was surprised by much of what I saw. Firstly, I had not expected to see so much raw canvas. Admittedly as the decades went by this lessened, but the pert brown of the raw linen in those early paintings really impressed me. I could feel how the dry, raw linen would have affected the pull of his loaded brush
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Best, C. Threshold (detail), 2012

My new show! Threshold at Sheffer Gallery

Go on, it’s worth a look! Threshold explores the moment when something significant is about to happen. Time halted at the instant of change. The main piece in this exhibition is a series of work made in response to Invasion 1 – an Aboriginal perspective painted by Aboriginal artist Gordon Syron. Invasion 1 depicts the arrival of the First Fleet, captured at the moment when everything is
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