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My new show! Threshold at Sheffer Gallery

Go on, it’s worth a look!

Threshold explores the moment when something significant is about to happen. Time halted at the instant of change.

The main piece in this exhibition is a series of work made in response to Invasion 1 – an Aboriginal perspective painted by Aboriginal artist Gordon Syron. Invasion 1 depicts the arrival of the First Fleet, captured at the moment when everything is about to change irrevocably for indigenous people.

In my piece Threshold I wanted to extend Syron’s narrative and so placed myself in the story as if seeing this land for the first time – I wanted to indicate our colonial blindness to the land and the people who lived there. So I painted this series of works with a figure wandering around in a country they don’t really see or understand. They’re not lost as much as they are oblivious. The figure, whose face is unseen, is based on my own shadow – the one I look at as I walk.

The foundation pieces in the show titled Poised, Brink, Topple, Expulsion, Precipice and Edge, are portraits of large rocks and boulders positioned so that they look as though they might fall at any moment. They are a metaphor exploring a state of being that is about to change. The boulder is perfect as subject for these works because large rocks are, as a rule, monumental, impervious to change and difficult to exert force upon. I’ve placed them in gold frames to evoke old museums and our cultural tendency of only recognising that something is significant retrospectively.

The show is on at Sheffer Gallery, 38 Lander Street, Darlington until the 6th October. Gallery hours are 11am – 6pm.

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