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Luis Camnitzer and the price of art

Here’s a great little video that tries to tease out the price of art. It’s essentially an interview with the American artist Luis Camnitzer where he talks about his views ideas on being an artist.

Camnitzer says if he has to live off his work he is in danger of corruption – it will distract him from his research and being an artist is all about exploring ideas. Camnitzer doesn’t restrict himself to one media but writes, prints and constructs. There is a great part in the video where he and a professional painter paint a part of a wall and then it is priced. The professional wall painter does a ‘better’ job but when the work is valued the painter can ask only a fraction of the price that Camnitzer can ask for his patch of wall! He also talks about the merchandising of art and the exploitative impact of that in terms of the worth to society versus the market place.

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